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Tired Of Carrying The Extra Weight?

Discover how to eliminate that stubborn belly fat at any age with this simple 7-day detox protocol from a combination of regular foods that you can buy in any grocery store. No dieting and no packaged foods.

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Why weight gain isn't your fault (Really!)

There’s a stigma in our society today. People think if you’re overweight, it’s because you can’t control what you eat. WRONG!!!!

What You Will Learn:

  • IT’S YOUR HORMONES! There is one factor that science has repeatedly proved to be true.... Hormones control metabolism.
  • Unlocking fat. Aka “The stubborn belly fat problem.”
  • Why packaged food, fad dieting, and weight loss surgery doesn't work.
  • Why you don't have to feel drained and invisible anymore.
  • Learn how you can love the way you look again at any age.
  • Lose unwanted belly fat and keep it off without dieting with this simple to follow 7-day detox program

    About Dr. Aplin

    My name is Dr. Aplin, and years ago, I had a theory that the standard American diet caused weight gain. This is proven when immigrants assimilate into our culture with typical American foods and gain weight.

    I also found that if you eat this food for too long, it leads to weight loss resistance. That's why some women (and men) have trouble losing weight on crash diets. That is when I created a simple to follow 7-day protocol that helps reverse this trend, which is the first part of my program that has helped thousands of women and men lose weight.

    I've been featured on Great Day Washington and many other shows about my innovative and unique weight loss protocol.

    I would love to share our 7-day program with you for FREE because I want you to lose that unwanted belly fat and become confident of your body again.

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