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Most of our clients have lost and gained back weight many times before starting our ‘permanent’ weight loss, proper body chemistry and metabolism boosting program

Rich has lost 150 pounds since he started with our program…he started with 72 pounds then 85 pounds and since we fixed his body chemistry and metabolism he kept losing until he reached his ideal body weight which was 150 pounds less than when he started.

We also provide FREE shipping and amazing customer support. Plus all of our diet coaches have dietician degrees.

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We have thousands of stories like these below from clients who came to us because they were sick of yo-yo dieting, packaged foods and the roller coaster of low self-esteem

How it works – fixing your body chemistry

  • Fix your body chemistry – by alkalizing, detoxing and putting natural nourishing foods in your body
  • Boosting your metabolism – by balancing your hormones naturally
  • Virtual Coaching - with trained weight loss professionals
  • Lifestyle change – once your metabolism is kickstarted, you will be able to maintain your weight by eating the right foods for your body type
  • Dr. Aplin explains why you need a customized program….

    Why weight gain isn't your fault (Really!)

    There’s a stigma in our society today. People think if you’re overweight, it’s because you can’t control what you eat. WRONG!!!!

    Summary Of Our Appointment

  • Most people don’t gain weight because of overeating. That’s why calorie counting and fad diets don’t work. People naturally go back to their old habits and weight returns (this is the vicious cycle).
  • We don’t use any prepackaged foods, diet bars, pills or injections. Our sole focus is on helping you lose the weight naturally and setting up the pathway for sustainability so you can keep the weight off.
  • Losing weight isn’t just about changing eating habits. Things like medical history, body chemistry, and lifestyle factors all play a major role which is why customization is so important.
  • I’m recommending a program for you based on neutralizing body acidity (because acidity causes water retention, bloat and cravings), reducing inflammation by detoxification (because inflammation causes fat storage and prevents fat burning), encourage proper and natural hormone regulation (because hormones ultimately control metabolism), and meal planning based on real food you can buy at any grocery store so you can have lasting success.
  • We’ll be helping address the emotional component of weight loss, which is just as important as the physical aspects, through 1 on 1 health coaching and support from our team! For many, this is going to be the most important component. You aren’t going into this alone!
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    Lose unwanted belly fat and keep it off without dieting with this simple to follow 7-day program

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