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Learn how to avoid these surprising weight loss mistakes and get a custom-tailored program for transformation that goes beyond a diet.

Most people lose weight and gain it back again because they didn’t correct their body chemistry alkalize, detox, and balance their hormones.

See how others have lost weight and kept it off using Dr. Aplin’s unique method for permanent weight loss

Most of our clients have lost and gained back weight many times before starting our ‘permanent’ weight loss, proper body chemistry and metabolism boosting program

Rich has lost 150 pounds since he started with our program…he started with 72 pounds then 85 pounds and since we fixed his body chemistry and metabolism he kept losing until he reached his ideal body weight which was 150 pounds less than when he started.

Chris has an amazing story and has lost 40 pounds and has kept it off for years since she started the program. We have thousands of successful weight loss clients around the country that have lost weight and kept it off because we are fixing the root of the weight loss resistance issue…keep reading to learn more

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We have thousands of stories like these below from clients who came to us because they were sick of yo-yo dieting, packaged foods and the roller coaster of low self-esteem

How it works – fixing your body chemistry

  • Fix your body chemistry – by alkalizing, detoxing and putting natural nourishing foods in your body
  • Boosting your metabolism – by balancing your hormones naturally
  • Virtual Coaching - with trained weight loss professionals
  • Lifestyle change – once your metabolism is kickstarted, you will be able to maintain your weight by eating the right foods for your body type
  • Dr. Aplin explains why you need a customized program….

    Why weight gain isn't your fault (Really!)

    There’s a stigma in our society today. People think if you’re overweight, it’s because you can’t control what you eat. WRONG!!!!

    What this appointment will reveal

  • IT’S YOUR HORMONES! There is one factor that science has repeatedly proved to be true.... Hormones control metabolism.
  • Unlocking fat. Aka “The stubborn belly fat problem.”
  • Why packaged food, fad dieting, and weight loss surgery doesn't work.
  • Why you don't have to feel drained and invisible anymore.
  • Learn how you can love the way you look again at any age.
  • America's Favorite Weight Loss Consultant

    Lose unwanted belly fat and keep it off without dieting with this simple to follow 7-day program

    About Dr. Aplin

    My name is Dr. Aplin, and years ago, I had a theory that the standard American diet caused weight gain. This is proven when immigrants assimilate into our culture with typical American foods and gain weight.

    I also found that if you eat this food for too long, it leads to weight loss resistance. That's why some women (and men) have trouble losing weight on crash diets. That is when I created a simple to follow 7-day protocol that helps reverse this trend, which is the first part of my program that has helped thousands of women and men lose weight.

    I've been featured on Great Day Washington and many other shows about my innovative and unique weight loss protocol.

    The reason why our program has been so successful is that we stopped putting our clients on diets because they always fail. We normalize body chemistry, boost your metabolism and keep you on real food the entire time. When this is combined with health coaching you learn to make a permanent change, as opposed to a temporary diet that you've already tried.

    I would love to show you how to lose that unwanted belly fat and become confident of your body again, but I can't do anything until you schedule that consultation. Make today that day.

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    - A virtual Zoom program that you can do from the comfort of home

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